Introducing Lungie Land: The Mixtape

This is a collection of footage of DeadlungLucas MagoonChris Bradshaw, Will Bateman, Lane Knaack, and many more as they ride in Utah, Japan, and beyond. Within all of the different locales, terrain, and riders, the commonality that links all of these shots is that the locations and familiarity of the runs make the riding seem attainable, but Lungie and crew keep ahead of the curve with a unique, smooth board control–it’s an ideal vicarious experience. Overall, there’s an inordinate amount of style packed into the shots in Lungie Land: The Mixtape, so sit back and enjoy a year in the life of Deadlung and crew.

In late 2013 our friends at Read The Label and Mutant Pros embarked on an exciting media project with Red Bull and Ironlak. Here’s a statement from them about the documentary:

Throughout a long working and personal relationship, the two creative entities merged their areas of expertise into one larger than life film experience. In this first instalment of Stand Or Fall the skateboarding and Graffiti art cultures are forged, highlighting the rebellious nature and global communities of artists and athletes by documenting the road trip process.
Mixing in interesting first hand accounts and personal motivations from both cultures and figures from the local scenes, we’ve compiled some very insightful and interesting content. From the small differences and large similarities in the cultures and all of the talents personalities, to the unique skill level they all posses.
Bringing the audience along for the ride, we gathered two well accomplished and hard working artists and skaters, packed into the Red Bull recreational vehicle and hit the road to let the guys get loose. On the art side, James Haunt from Los Angeles CA and Australian graffiti giant Sofles came along and knocked out some amazing murals and provided some great insight in each Local. On the skateboarding side we had Dutch Red Bull and LRG Team rider Sewa Kroetkov and LA native Rykeis Tyson killing streets and parks for us. We we’re so ecstatic that each of them were available for the trip, cause they were all of our first choices. We also got some great interviews with Pro skater Brandon Biebel, Gabe at FTC Sacramento and world renowned, Ironlak sponsored artist JURNE! The film’s title is in reference to the complete focus and dedication all of these artists, athletes and entrepreneurs have given to their craft. There is no in between if you want to reach the height of your potential. We urge everyone watching to pick a side, win or lose, Stand or Fall!

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Homies & Spliffs

Feat. Jimmy Cao, Kellen James, Jamie Palmore, Larelle Gray, Marshall Heath, Wes Kremer, Dan Connelly, Peter Smolik & Dorian Gray