Homies & Spliffs

Feat. Jimmy Cao, Kellen James, Jamie Palmore, Larelle Gray, Marshall Heath, Wes Kremer, Dan Connelly, Peter Smolik & Dorian Gray

Our homie Jeremy “Instalemi” Landy took a bad fall at Gremlin Gamez over the Weekend and had to be air lifted off the Mountain with a Fractured Skull and Broken Ribs. Even if you don’t know Lemi personally, we are all FAMILY, and no one likes to see a good man down. Never not smiling, with a huge heart and a love for Snowboarding like no other..


If anyone would like to give back and help our friend get back on his feet, ANY bit helps! And if you can’t donate, jus send those Positive Vibes.. Get Well Soon! #GiveForward #JSLV #JusLiv

Support Now: Give Forward to Lemi