The homies over at Active have been down with us for a minute now and are always supporting JSLV.
We are super hyped on getting to be one their hand picked Spotlight Brands this past month. We actually just
dropped a couple Exclusive Colorway Joints with them, that are available NOW at all Active Stores.

This is only the beginning for 2011… Stay posted for more news soon. Very soon!

Peep this Brand Spotlight Video of us explaining a bit of the JSLV history and a sneak peak to some Fall 2011 pieces.

For more info and to peep all the JSLV Exclusive’s with Active – Click Here

IMG_1127We Rolled over to Good Day Cafe in Huntington for a lunch pow-wow with the homies from Sonik Distribution.

IMG_1126I actually ordered the Tofu Teriyaki Bowl but got Chicken… I rolled with it, threw some pepper and Cholula and it was a go!

IMG_1132Trying to stop smoking?! Try these rechargeable cigs Akira had. Menthol or regs?, I mean it’s your choice…
Shit was wild. they lit up cherry at the tip and blew out humidified smoke out after each puff!

IMG_1135Good looks on lacing up some proper 9.5′s of the KJ x éS joints… Seeya soon homies! Big plans for 2011 in Japan!

Known Gallery is proud to present:
Sonny Gerasimowicz – Empty Promises
Show opens November 20th, 2010 8-11pm
Show runs November 20th – December 11th, 2010

About the artist:
Sonny geris is an orphan. Born of unknown desent in the high desserts of barstow, he has roamed the world in
search of his true identity and purpose. A man always in flux, the only time his mind felt at peace was the one time
he did heroin. It made him very angry that heroin was so good. Oh I guess he also finds momentary peace right after sex.
His mind is quiet for about 30 seconds before it starts back up into the hum of self doubt and self flagilation.
Ummmm… and he’s a artist I suppose. Sonny geris loves drawing women’s asses and sad bears.

-Spike Jonze