“I got my first JSLV shirt in 2007 and I’ve loved this company ever since. I first got the idea from my high school manufacturing teacher Mr. Michael at North Penn High School. The logos are laser engraved into the wood. I made a finished set that got stained to make it look a couple years old and still look amazing. I also made an unfinished set not stained and just sanded just in case they wanted to apply their own stain or spray paint. One day my kids are going to be All City Vandalz!”

Andrew Brucker - Lansdale, Pennsylvania

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“At first, I was just curious that the JSLV and Chevrolet logo match
because both brands are from the U.S. I am stoked on JSLV and I’m always
repping the brand because it’s part of my life. My car and snowboards are
also part of my life, then I decided to put signature logo stenciled on them.
Instead of putting stickers, I did spray stencils to show originality,
and spray has a different texture than stickers do.
No JSLV, No LIFE… It’s Now or Never.”

Takashi Seki – Azumino/Nagano, Japan