Our Codak x JSLV joint project drops at select JSLV retailers this month and we all recently got together with Havoc TV to discuss the collaboration, art, life and everything in between. As Codak puts it … “Cans have been emptied, paint brushes have been abused, markers overfilled, pencils broken, buff paint spilled, computer screens burned out, hard drives fried… Still in hot pursuit of progression!”

JSLV x Codak


For further insight to how we linked up with Codak watch this edit below and see how we are all Jus Liv’n!

 For more information : Havoc.tv & Codak38exp.com


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Below is the painting from our day spent together… Follow Codak to see more of his art.


We would like to congratulate long time JSLV supporter Brandon Brown on the launch of Loring his new Action Sports Tech Studio. Brandon has always been on the forefront of marketing and we have had the pleasure of being a part of numerous events with him while he was Marketing Manager for RedBull Los Angeles. That’s why it was no surprise to us when we heard that to launch his new company last week on the first day he took his team through the 5 year plan and then took them on a plan and dove out. As he put it “A simple reminder that sometimes you just have to say “F-It” and go. No matter what Loring is up to, we will always have fun and push it to the limit…”  Brandon has been giving us wings for years and has always been JusLiv’N!!! We definitely look forward to working with him at his new endeavor.


For more information go to Transworld Business or visit WeAreLoring.com


Jupiter People & Dank Donuts present “A Dank Day In The Park”, a web series showcasing some of Bear Mountains local talent. This episode features Lucas Magoon, Jake Schaible, Mike Gray, Andrew Paine, Yosuke Hayashi, Scott Blum & Tonya Magoon enjoying a never ending spring break at Bear. Enjoy

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