This month the crew heads to Phoenix for the annual am contest. Hot weather, hijinks and plenty of giveaways.
Then on over to the Dust Devil skate park for a nice night sesh. Enjoy!

Featuring: Alexis Ramirez, Marshall Heath, Dorian Gray, Josh Lopez, Coung Lieng,
Larelle Gray & guest homie Darius “Woogie” Jackson

Music by: Souls Of Mischief – Shooting Stars / O.C. – Times Up (Instrumental)

Filmed by: Nick Lamm, Coung Lieng, Brandon Lefever & Larelle Gray

Video by: Nick Lamm

Flux Bindings brings you a down and dirty video serious dubbed Snowboarding to Music featuring team riders:
Scotty Vine, Erik Leon, Ian Sams, Ryan Tarbell, Yuma Abe, Tyler Lynch, Shaun Murphy,
Alex Hereford, Blake Axelson and Zack Wlimot.

In episode 1, the team took their wicked smooth style to Boreal Mountain / Woodword Tahoe.
It’s solid shredding to good music in the warm Tahoe sun. The series is directed by
Matt Devino and produced by Brad Farmer.

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SD born Los Angeles based Choosey, the newest addition to Dirty Science, makes dope rap songs. Listen to this free album
Left Field. With beats by Exile, Like of Pac Div, and Soulection’s Abjo, you’re sure to be bangin’ this in your whip, laptop
or headphones. Left Field features crew mates Blu, Fashawn, Dag Savage and more. This ear-full of good music will
take you on an audio ride that’s bound to make you a fan and hungry for his follow up albums produced Exile.
Stay tuned, this is just the beginning of whats to come from Choosey.


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