Park Spotting | Tijuana La Bandera Park

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It was time to take a trip south of the border and suss out the La Bandera park that’s been chilling under the radar for a couple years. Who better for the job than South San Diego representatives Lenny Rivas, Kellen James, and Larelle Gray? Take a trip to the land of cheap delicious tacos where anything… Read more »

Sk8mafia Monthly | August 2014

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Hit the streets with the homies!! Featuring: Dorian Gray, Larelle Gray, Kellen James, Marshall Heath, Alexis Ramirez, Sam Hubble, Jamie Palmore, Gilbert Marin, David Castells, Alex Masotti, JT Aultz, Marcus Allen, Brandon Le Fever, Danny Nguyen, Jimmy Cao, Javier Sarmiento, Tyler Surrey and Wes Kremer. Filmed by: Jim Kappel, Nick Lamm, Wes Kremer, Dan Connelly,… Read more »