Everyone loves Chris Bradshaw. Why? After seeing this part, you’ll know.
You see, Bradshaw’s unique approach on the hill epitomizes style, especially
when he’s riding his home mountain, and you’re in luck, because this exclusive
edit contains Bradshaw boardin’ around Bear and destroying everything in his path…
and everything in his path happens to be world-class features. To make this leak
even better, B-Shaw has employed Jonah Owen, Scott Stevens, Forest Bailey and
Lucas Magoon to appear in it as well, and they follow suit.

If this edit is up your alley, be sure to check out Bear Mountain’s full-length
release “Feature Factory,” premeiring only on snowboardermag.com at 6pm immediately following the live webcast of Hot Dawgz & Hand Rails
 starts at 1:30 PST.

More  Information: www.snowboardermag.com