“At first, I was just curious that the JSLV and Chevrolet logo match
because both brands are from the U.S. I am stoked on JSLV and I’m always
repping the brand because it’s part of my life. My car and snowboards are
also part of my life, then I decided to put signature logo stenciled on them.
Instead of putting stickers, I did spray stencils to show originality,
and spray has a different texture than stickers do.
No JSLV, No LIFE… It’s Now or Never.”

Takashi Seki – Azumino/Nagano, Japan

Quite possibly the best Markass Mondays episode yet. Bradshaw coming with
some new moves, Chad and Ryan Tarbell letting you know…  Daniel Brown,
Lucas Magoon, Joe Sexton, Jake Kuzyk, and Darrell Mathes getting in there.
Jussi is down for Markass Mondays

shot and edited by: Mark Reznikov