éS and SK8MAFIA join forces with pro skateboarder/entrepreneur Kellen James
to launch a new collaboration for the holiday season. The éS x SK8MAFIA x Kellen James
capsule consists of the new éS Square Two shoe, a SK8MAFIA deck and tee shirt. Kellen has
been rocking the color maroon for sometime now,so he infused the collection with that color
along with a graphic of a Dia De Los Muertos Virgin Mary his homie, Sal drew. The Dia De
Los Muertos Virgin Mary is the center piece of the collection that’s imbedded into the sole of
the éS Square Two shoe, the box art, skateboard and shirt graphics. The éS Square Two model
also includes a SK8MAFIA metal medallion, that all the SK8MAFIA homies wear, and a
SK8MAFIA stencil so you can tag up your kit proper.

Go to the éS Website now to check out a new interview, skate photos and video of
Kellen James and find out what he’s been up to these past few months.