As hardcore as the Graff community seems to be most of the time, there are those people that end up not being loyal to it!
Specially when under a bit of pressure! As all you real cats know… street rules apply in this game and when shit like this
goes down we all know what happens! FUCK BITCHMADE PEEPS!

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The homie Casper and Smurf did this video a while ago just for fun and recently it got picked up by Microsoft.
So they did a new one for them which is below. Congrats homies… Shit is looking proper! Lets see Take 2!

More Info – Click Here

The homie Stink just finished this piece at his warehouse he shares with Madsteez…
I got to make some time out to go out there and get a sesh with him!

Peep his blog for more of his work – CLICK HERE

stink_painting stink_infront_painting