JSLV is at it again people… Now in LBC with a sick lineup. Also as a thank you
to all our supporters, friends and family this will be a FREE event with RSVP.
Looking forward to seeing you all there for some good times!
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Please RSVP asap: livinthedreamproductions@gmail.com





To celebrate Acura’s collaboration with Collision films,
GuerillaOne.com is going to give one of you a 16” x 12”
painting. An original piece by one of the featured artists
in the RDX film, famed Bristol, England street artist
Henry St. Leger.

All you have to do is hit up chris@guerillaone.com and
let him know what’s up! You have till Sunday May 3rd,
good luck and enjoy the RDX film.












HENRY on the piece-

“It’s kind of an amalgamation of several different
ideas that have evolved in the last year or so. I’m a
huge fan of traditional tattoos and I suppose that’s
where the anchor comes from. The face comes from
when I was drawing backgrounds for animations.
I used to have draw loads of cartoon trees and I used
to try and sneak faces into some of them.”

Check the entire interview in our features section